Landing the Dream Job

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I’m happy to announce that I will be joining the New York Times as a software developer this July. I’ll be working on the new Emerging Technologies team, which is a team tasked with building a new suite of web and mobile technologies for consuming NYT content. The small group consists of developers, designers, product folks and journalists/editors. I’m extremely excited to join the world’s newspaper of record and a talented developer team that will define the future of such a storied institution. I feel humbled and honored for the opportunity, and I’m eager to explore the opportunities to grow at an organization like the NYT.

Throughout the last three weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a variety of start-ups and technology firms. While there are a ton of great start-ups out there doing amazing work, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to learn more about the craft of code and work at the epicenter of a rapidly-changing journalism industry that continues to grapple with the effects of technology on its business and product model. I’ve been blessed to find a position that can combine my professional experience serving as an editor at the Duke Chronicle and working on investment products at Blackstone. I’ll likely be coding mostly in Ruby and Javascript, and will have the chance to learn other languages and technologies, like Objective-C. I’m incredibly thankful to Avi & Co. and my classmates at the Flatiron School for not only teaching me how to code, but showing me how code can be equal parts analytical and creative.

The job will undoubtedly be challenging, having to build products for a newspaper that gets 30 million unique visitors per month, but I’m eager for the challenge and excited for the growth potential at the NYT!